Ayder, a Turkish village from paradise.

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Ayder, a Turkish village from paradise:

Eder is just like the European Alpine villages. We can say that it is an excellent European countryside. It consists of mountainous foothills covered with charming green forests, valleys and many water tables and waterfalls. The mountains are full of dense trees. It is  magnificent masterpiece. The mountains embrace the clouds, and their tops are covered with white throughout the seasons.


In the north of  Turkey in the mountains of Kashkar, overlooking the Black Sea, and it belongs to the state of Reza, on the other hand, Trabzon is only 162 km away. Ayder is one of the most important tourist destinations in Turkey, it competes with the European countryside in nature and attractive promoter, we can say it is impossible to visit Ayder and  not return to again.

Nature and tourist activities :

Ayder  is  Literally  a land like paradise for its beauty. for example,  Slopes of the mountain covered with green and full of springs. Waterfalls, streams and rivers  are flowing from the tops of the mountains. And  you can there fined a lot of flowers of different colors and a large number of orchards filled With fruit trees and gardens.

The village of Ayder is famous for many things, for example, producing the best and most famous types of Turkish honey.  And it`s  also known for its hot sulfur water, and a lot of famous baths has been established  there.

Tourists who seek treatment from special diseases go there in summer and winter.


There are many different tourist activities in Eder such as kayaking, bullfighting as well as jumping and parasailing on rivers.

Ayder also has many restaurants with delicious Turkish cuisine. Many of these restaurants have wonderful views on waterfalls. And they are famous for grilled meat, chicken and meat,and there is also a small souvenir shop in the village.

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