trip to Uzengol

trip to Uzengol

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tourism in Turkey :

Tourism in Turkey is one of the most beautiful in the world. Turkish cities are known for their beauty and special charm, which is mixed between the East and the West, so Cordoba offers you a family-friendly program that is full of fun and entertainment for the whole family .

program trip :

First day :

You will be greeted at Turfazone Airport and the driver will be with the interpreter waiting for you at the airport to take you to the finest hotel in Uzengol and complete the rest of the day.

Day 2: Sultan Murad Heights

You will find the driver waiting in front of the hotel in the morning to take you to the village of Tchikara and then to the heights of Sultan Murad where you will see the green plains in all directions and to extend the sight of a charming scene of comfort in the self and you can barbecue meat and eat and the driver takes you to the Garden Reza tea to see tea farms spread over large areas The appearance is very cool and when you are finished you will be back to the hotel

Day 3: Trabzon

The driver will wait for you in the morning in front of the hotel to take you to the fascinating city of Trabzon, the charming historical area, to visit Sophia Sophia, the Ataturk Palace and the magnificent Lake Serra.

Day 4: Interesting Adventure Day

The driver will be waiting in front of the hotel to take you to the wonderful nature reserve in the Turkish city of Riza and then to the River Eider this month and to enjoy the interesting activities at the river, such as jumping over the river with rope, kayaking and then to the private sulfur pools known for its miraculous healing powers. Watching the green nature with the enchanting waterfalls and after finishing it is back to Osngol then to the hotel

The fifth day :

A free day for hiking and shopping

Day 6: Journey to the Monastery of Sumila

The driver takes you to the monastery of Sumila, located in the Tundra forests, where you will enjoy wonderful views of the enchanting nature. You will feel a dream of the beauty of God’s creation, but for those who have strong hearts, when you are done, you will return to the hotel.