Honeymoon Trip Istanbul – Bursa

Honeymoon Trip Istanbul – Bursa

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Honeymoon Trip Istanbul – Bursa

Program 7 days :

First day:

Reception from the airport, delivery to the hotel and reception of the rooms, if there is time, a tour of the mall or restaurant

the second day:

Morning after breakfast to Old Istanbul, Sultanahmet Mosque, Historical Hagia Sophia Museum, Islamic Topkapi Museum, Gulhana Park overlooking the Bosphorus Strait, the Covered Market and the Egyptian Bazaar, then back to the hotel

the third day:

Morning after breakfast to the Princess Islands and touring the Grand Island via Hantour (horse-drawn cart), then lunch at the beach and then head to the Ortakoy Mosque and Olos hill

the fourth day:

Go after breakfast to the Chocolate Museum and then head to Venezia Mall, where you can stroll through the mall in small boats to feel in Venice and then to the city of Vialand to fill the top of entertainment and fun

The fifth day:

After breakfast to Bursa, ride the ferry to Bursa and then climb to the top of Oludag Mountain by the magnificent cable car, see Bursa from the top of the mountain, ski, then take a cable car, head to the old perennial tree,

the sixth day:

Morning after breakfast to Istanbul, to the brides hill overlooking the Bosphorus, the girls’ tower on the coast of Iskodar, the huge water park with the dancing fountains and then to Baghdad Street

the seventh day:

Arriving at the airport to return to your home. We hope you enjoyed your trip with us and that you have brought with you the most beautiful memories from Istanbul.


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