Istanbul – Bodrum Honeymoon Trip

Istanbul – Bodrum Honeymoon Trip

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First day:

Reception from the airport, delivery to the hotel and reception of the rooms

the second day:

Morning after breakfast to Old Istanbul, Sultanahmet Mosque, Historical Hagia Sophia Museum, Islamic Topkapi Museum, Gulhana Park overlooking the Bosphorus Strait and back to the hotel

the third day:

Head to the Amirgan Park overlooking the Bosphorus Strait and then head to the Ambassador Tower to see the city of Istanbul from its highest point and then head to Ortakoy Square

the fourth day:

Go after breakfast to the Princess Islands and tour the Grand Island via Hantour (horse-drawn cart), then lunch at the beach and then head to the Dolmabahsha Museum and Olos hill

The fifth day:

Travel to Bodrum and get to know the city

the sixth day:

Fink Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches and features many recreational activities such as water skiing, boat trips and many restaurants

the seventh day:

Bodrum Maritime Museum – Midtown Shopping Complex – Bodrum Amphitheater

Day 8:

The Palace of Saint-Pierre is one of the most beautiful and rare museums in the world

Day Nine:

A free day or an optional trip to the famous city of Dalian to see the beautiful beaches of Marmaris and the beaches of frogs

Day 10:

Airport Transfer

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