Sabanja and Mshokia

Sabanja and Mshokia

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Sabanja Information:

Sabanga is a charming city located in the Marmara region in Istanbul, Asia, in the province of Skaria, about 130 km away from Istanbul. It is characterized by the splendor of its natural scenery, mountains and hills, which are covered with green for the trees’ growth and height, giving a beautiful aesthetic scenery. Trees with multiple shapes …

Sabanga is the bride of the city of Istanbul and attracts annually a very large number of tourists to the beauty of its beauty, where you find Lake Sabnjp natural problem of rain and snow and around mountains and hills and mountains surrounding them from each side wonderful appearance makes you think about the creation of God Almighty and the highest summit is the summit of Mount Karba 1800 meters above sea level, which is an important destination for ski enthusiasts and adventure lovers for the presence of many sports activities in the region, especially in the winter and also overlooking the lake valley where you can see the lake stretched on a very wide plain and around mountains with varying heights gives you the comfort of And you live in a dream you do not want to wake up from …

Sabanja … Trip Program:

From the hotel in the morning to Sabanga Lake with a driver’s car. When you arrive, breakfast will be served in one of the restaurants overlooking the lake and then you can take a walk around the lake and take pictures …

When you are finished, you will be transported to the waterfalls of the Kaui fountain, where you will see the water flowing from the mountains with a wonderful appearance and the water coming out in other falls from holes in the mountain rocks with a view you have never seen before and you can walk around the small lake formed by the waters of the waterfalls. Built of wood in a distinctive way. . .

When you are finished you are taken to the top of Mount Kartaba to ride the cable car and watch Sabanja from the highest point in Sabanga in a scene you will not forget in your life. You can see Lake Sabanja, Marmara Sea and part of Istanbul as a whole hour journey in the air up and down. The mountain is surrounded by magnificent falls and some recreational activities such as safaris, skating rides and many other fun activities. Then you go to the restaurant for lunch and when you return to Istanbul

Note :

The trip is only one day

The program can be changed according to the customer’s wishes

The trip is inclusive of transportation only

The VIP car is comfortable and air conditioned, as well as a free internet service and a Turkish Arabic interpreter


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