Sheila and Agua Istanbul trip one day

Sheila and Agua Istanbul trip one day

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Sheila Istanbul:

Sheila or Sheila is a tourist area located 120 km away from Istanbul. The city is characterized by the beauty of its nature, which is a source of psychological comfort in many charming areas which attract thousands of visitors every year, making it the first tourist destination in Istanbul.

It is known that the green nature of Turkey is mostly located on the shores of the Black Sea in northern Turkey …

As for the tourist areas of Sheila, the most visited areas in Sheila are the hidden lake, which is characterized by its wonderful natural beauty. It is located behind a natural dam. It consists of rain and snow falling in the winter to gather its waters in a valley surrounded by green mountains from its four sides. It is hidden from the mountains and in Sheila is also the Ottoman lighthouse, which is one of the oldest marine lighthouses in Turkey and a sandy beach, unique for swimming and relaxation, as is the beach of Agua or Ava sandy beautiful, which can see the bottom of the beach Melli in which the intensity of the purity of water in it and Cefautea passes as the two rivers flow into the Black Sea Ishqan mountains halves very cool Bmhd

Sheila and Agua … Trip Program:

Start the morning from Istanbul in a private car with a driver to take you from the hotel to Sheila in Istanbul, Asia. The trip begins in Sheila with a breakfast in the forest between the lap of green nature and high mountains and then to the hidden lake charming where you can stroll around the lake and see the beautiful landscape surrounding the lake and take pictures At the end, we turn to the ancient Ottoman lighthouse built strangely on a mountain in the sea and far from the beach with a wonderful appearance and very attractive and you can walk in the garden overlooking the sea and lighthouse and when we are finished we move to the sandy beach in Agua where you can swim and Strha on the warm sand and then lunch at a restaurant overlooking the Djiyskob River, which flows into the Black Sea and you can practice many activities in the area of ​​entertaining safari and yacht ride to tour the river and the sea

When you are finished you return to the hotel in Istanbul

Note :

The trip is inclusive of transportation only

There are tours within the tourist area

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