Tourism in Istanbul is an interesting tourist program

Tourism in Istanbul is an interesting tourist program

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Tourism in Istanbul is an interesting tourist program

Tourism in Istanbul is a great tourist program and a daily tour inside and outside the Turkish city of Istanbul, which dates back to 660 BC, in addition to the most beautiful landscapes that will make you feel in a piece of paradise. The tourist program in Istanbul will be as follows

First day :

Tourism in Istanbul Córdoba Tourist Company offers you full services in Istanbul. Starting from your arrival at Istanbul Airport, the representative of Córdoba Tourist will be waiting at the airport with the driver and translator to transport you to a 5 star hotel with a luxury car that will be with you throughout your stay and tourism in Istanbul. The first day rest from travel.

the second day :
Trip of the princesses and tourism in Istanbul

The car and the driver will be waiting for you at the hotel in the morning to take you to the largest and most beautiful island in the Princess Islands (Buyuk ada). When you reach the island you will drink Turkish coffee at one of the famous Turkish cafes in the Amirat Islands. After breakfast you will take a stroll through the island and see the fascinating natural scenery of Hantour ride (horse with cart). After the tour you will have lunch with the juices in the finest Turkish restaurants on the island and upon completion Audon to the hotel

the third day :
Trip of the Bosphorus Strait and Tourism in Istanbul

The driver will be waiting in the morning in front of the hotel and will take you to the Dolma Palace, an old heritage palace built in 1856, one of the most important tourist attractions in Istanbul and a tour inside (if not on a formal holiday). Upon departure the driver will take you on a tour of the Bosporus Which lies between the continents of Asia and Europe and a length of 30 km and connects the Sea of ​​Marmara and the Black Sea and after the tour in the strait you go to the hill of puppets, a hill located in the Asian side of Istanbul and you can see all of Istanbul with a scene beyond the imagination and then lunch in the most famous restaurants And then travel Large garden located in the hill, and when finished will be Nqlm in Steamboat Abramadiq the Bosphorus to the girl tower in Escudar to take some pictures and stroll around and then the hotel is to take you

Day 4: Spanga:

In the early morning you will find the driver waiting for you in front of the hotel to catch up to the charming Lake Spanga and when you arrive you will walk on both sides of the lake to take some pictures and enjoy the scenery and when you are finished you will move to the village known for its beautiful beauty and landscape, lunch will be near the waterfalls and then left To the zoo and botanical garden to fill in an amusing and fun atmosphere and when you are done you return to the hotel

The fifth day :

Dinner cruise in the Bosphorus Strait aboard a luxury yacht and tourism in Istanbul
The day will be for shopping and tourism in Istanbul or you will have the freedom to choose the places of your choice. In the evening you will be taken to the Bosphorus Strait to relax in a luxury yacht and enjoy the Bosphorus Straits at night and the colored lights of the three bridges connecting the European side of the Asian side of Istanbul. During the yacht trip you will enjoy your favorite drinks and you will see Tower of the girl at night and the Palace of Top Kabi and Galta Tower to enjoy the most moments of your life, which will remain in your memory forever and will not forget the tourism in Istanbul and then you will eat the dinner of the best Turkish food and enjoy the Turkish music and after the Dinner You will write your name on the bridge in the Bosphorus Bridge in a charming view and the colors are amazing to see your name every person close and every yacht and car close to the bridge in a very interesting view and after the completion you will be transferred to the hotel to rest for the next day n Tourism in Istanbul

the sixth day :

A free day for shopping, hiking and tourism in Istanbul

the seventh day :

You will find the driver waiting to take you to the airport before the flight

We hope you enjoyed the tour of Istanbul and its environs and tourism in Istanbul, hoping to meet again in a new tourist program in Turkey full of fun

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